Rhythm of Profitability Podcast is weekly podcast designed to serve as a weekly workshop for artists, musicians and creative professionals on how to create a profitable business with your art.  Each week Greg discusses topics that are challenges to many Artrepreneurs.

Are You Afraid of Making More Money?: Everyone has a relationship with money.  Many times, the way you view money is based on how you were raised.  If you saw a lot of generosity, you might be more generous in giving.  If you grew up with little money, you might be gripping onto every dollar to be sure you don’t lose what you now have.  Fear of money can cause you to miss out on being more profitable because you don’t know what to do with money or have negative thoughts associated with it.  This week, we’ll discuss the fear of making more money.

Do you have a “Win Rocky Win” attitude?: An an Artrepreneur, you have probably been told time and again that your dream is too risky, you’re going to ruin your career, your credit, etc.  If you hear that enough from people you care about, or who’s opinion you value, it can begin to weigh on you a lot.  The weight may be so strong that you hold yourself back from going no holds barred to achieve your dream.  But, when that weight is lifted and you have clarity in your purpose, it’s what I fondly call your “Win Rocky Win” moment.  This week, I explain what it means to have a “Win Rocky Win” attitude.

Can you Adapt to your Circumstances?: Something interesting with all artrepreneurs is their ability to adapt to change.  There are skillsets creative professionals have that they’ve learned as early as childhood, a desire to figure things out that are unconventional.  This week, meet Ryan Greis, a talented creative professional who is a classicaly trained pianist, a painter, and a seasoned marketing leader in design.  He has some great insight into how to adapt to your challenge using the creative tools you possess.


They’re All Going to Laugh at You…So What?: Chances are, if you’re a creative person with a big vision for your success, you’ve run into the fear of sharing the details of your dreams with people because of how they’ll respond to you.  Have you ever been laughed at for your dreams?  This week, we’re going to tackle this issue head on by pushing through the laughter and determining what’s truly important, validation of your dream, or the dream itself.  Featuring music by Cause of Afflliction.

The Art of a Profitable Dad: It’s Father’s Day and I want to ask you if you’re being a profitable dad or parent?  When you think about it, being an artrepreneur is just like being a parent.  There’s no blueprint, some thrive at it, some don’t show up for work.  On this week’s podcast we look at how one manages their business in comparison to how one might manage their parenting to help answer the quesiton of if you an artist at being a profitable dad.

What if I’m Wrong?: How often do you doubt yourself?  What if I’m wrong about my dreams?  What if I don’t have what it takes to make it?  What if I’m overestimating my talents?  Well, I hope you know how to shut those negative voices out, because they’re not helping.  The important thing to remember is that emotions run high when you’re an Artrepreneur.  It’s not going to be easy to achieve your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Email Marketing Like a Pro: Email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable forms of communicating with your customers and fans.  Sure, not all emails are read, many get deleted, but it only takes the right one, with the right subject line, the right call to action to turn that lead or prospect into a buyer.  Today on Rhythm of Profitability, I’ll discuss best practices you should be following in creating a successful, profitable email marketing strategy for your brand.

Building Blocks remove Road Blocks: Maurice Harris of Pushop Media started his professioal career as a musician and then found himself working in the financial industry in a marketing and communications role.  Despite being far removed the entertainment industry in his new profession, he never gave up on his artistic passion and turned his art and business expertise into a creative agency called Pushop Media.  Hear Maurice’s story of how he didn’t let detours in his music career become road blocks, rather, he used them as building blocks to enhance his career.

How to be 100% Perfect: Have you ever heard that 80% of your time will be spent on things that matter only 20% of the time in your life?  Do you spend 80% feeling bad about the 20% of imperfections in you?  All of us are taught to be self critical.  What if you started believing you’re perfect?  I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes, but what if you could learn to love your mistakes instead of using them as a club to beat yourself up with?  This week on Rhythm of Profitability, we discuss the importance of letting go of things you don’t want to be, but not without accepting that you are perfect in who you are.

Embrace Being and Artrepreneur: Do you strive to be a starving artist, or a profitable artist?  Are you a risk taker, betting on yourself to become a successful entrepreneur?  The way I see it is if you’re leveraing your art to create a successful business for yourself, you’re an Artrepreneur.  Well meaning people will try to convince you to fall back on a “safety net”.  What safety net?  You are an Artreprenuer and you should be proud of it!

Creating a Brand Culture: People often hear the term “branding” or “brand identity” and they think solely about their logo.  Although that is a piece of it, a logo does not define your brand.  The culture you create when interacting with people, that’s your brand.  Apple, Inc. is a perfect example of a company that has a well defined brand.  On his episode, I’ll discuss more about how to create a defined brand culture/identity and we’ll talk about some networking techniques for you to try to increase your brand awareness.

The Importance of Incorporating Your Band: Starting a band that people like is a great experience.  Starting a business that competes at a professional level is another thing.  Your band should be considering incorporatin.  It comes with a host of benefits and changes the dynamic of how you compete in the music industry.

Knowing Your Audience with Kohner Rice: Kohner Rice of the band Kohn is a successful songwriter, marketer and producer who is thriving at managing his music career.  He has been featured on Celebrity Apprentice and is currently in the running for the top spot in 2015’s  Macy’s/iHeart Radio music festival.

Setting Goals to be Profitable: This week’s episode answers some listener questions about negotiating pay for performance and getting over stage fright.  Tune up time ask you about your goals.  Featured artist is Ronnie Gibson out of Cincinnati, OH.

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a website marketing strategy leveraged by everyone from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.  Artist and Bands have a unique opportunity to gain a worldwide audience by focusing on this website marketing strategy and in this week’s episode, I put on my digital marketing hat to provide you with an introduction to SEO.  Featured Artist: The Freedom Band, Pittsburgh, PA.

Up for the Challenge: Danny Brierly is a world-class musician, producer, artist, car enthusiest and cancer survivor.  He is owner/operater of Park Lane Productions and has been brought onto produce Rhythm of Profitability.  The first step in brinding him on board to the program is to put him in the hotseat as a guest.  Learn how he went from struggling to learn his first instrument to being a master at multiple instruments and overcoming challenge after challenge.

It’s Who You Know Part II: Mr. Lee tomlinson is an accomplished professional athlete, entrepreneur, marketr and public speaker.  Throughout his career he has made it a point to use every oportunity he could to meet people and make a positive impression.  This practice led him from touring the world as an athlete to working with the Olympics, to leading a major enterprise for the American Film Institute.  In part two of his interview, you’ll learn how his life took an unwanted detour when he was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.  Suffering through depression about the way he was treated during his medical care, he found a new purpose for his life; to return compassion to the healthcare industry.

It’s Who You Know Part I: Mr. Lee Tomlinson is an accomplished professional athlete, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker.  Throughout his career he has made it a point to use every opportunity he could to meet people and make a positive lasting impression.  This practice led him from touring the world as an athlete to working with the Olympics to leading a major enterprise for the American Film Institute.  In part one of his interiew, you’ll learn how his attitude and life experience is so motivating and why he’s landed several of his exciting opportunities.

Happenstance: Megan Hughes has been featured twice on Martha Stewart, and in Parenting Magazine.  She’s a full-time mom, and full-time entrepreneur who has found multiple ways to leverage her creativity to drive her business success.  From Interior design, to knitting, to marketing, Megan Hughes continues to thrive as an artistic entrepreneur.  Leveraging social media, Megan has used her positive voice to reach out to others and be found by the right people.  She shares her creative journey in this episode of Rhythm of Profitability.

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