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How to create your


You have a dream, a passion that you want to pursue.  Unfortunately, you're not sure how to develop that dream into a profitable business.  I'll help you identify the obstacles getting in your way so you can find your rhythm that will generate profitability for your dreams.


Listen each week as Greg interviews artists, musicians, entrepreneurs to provide strategic management tips for creative artists of all types.  Listen Now > 

Strategic Management

Greg's work as a strategic management coach includes helping Clients leverage their creativity to pursue the artistic career they desire.  Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs all benefit from Greg's guidance.  

Digital Strategy

Greg Davis is an award-winning digital marketing strategist who will guide you through the do's and do not's of online marketing.  Greg helps you focus on growing your digital footprint and driving demand for your business.

Jingle and Podcast Songwriting

If you have a product, service or podcast that needs more canned background music, talk to Greg.  A world-class singer/songwriter, Greg's music has been heard on radio, TV and podcasts and he can do the same for you.

Keynote Artist

Event planners love working with Greg Davis as he takes his audience on an engaging journey through the competitive words of the music industry and corporate America.  An unconventional keynote artist, Greg's storytelling, musical parodies and original works defy placing him in any one genre.

Greg's Web Shed

With over a decade of eCommerce and website development experience, Greg has established relationships with some of the best designers, programmers and marketers in the industry.  Greg can help you assemble the right team to drive sales and leads for your website.  

"Dreaming big is the easy part. It's everything you do afterwards that defines your success."
                                                                        - Greg Davis